What's All The Buzz About
The "Better Burger"?

We know that "better burger" is a strong statement to make, and stand up to our pledge by choosing the best ingredients for all of our dishes. Our Angus burgers are made of 100% all natural certified Black Angus Meat and our Ph.D organic burger is our organic proposal for a wholesome USDA organic burger. All chicken fillets are 100% all natural and our fluffy buns and crunchy salads are locally sourced for maximum freshness. All meats and ingredients used are free of growth hormones, artificial additives, preservatives and rBGH hormones. Our fried appetizers are cooked using 0 trans fat and cholesterol free oil as a healthy suggestion of an extremely yummy and aromatic plate.






Meet the New Kid on the Block

Who is the New Kid on the Block?

New Kid On the Block The New Kid on the Block seeks perfection in everything he does, eats, listens and indulges himself in. He came to the neighborhood to make slow food taste better, healthier, be sustainable and at the same time attainable for all. He is interacting with the local community in multiple ways and wants to give something back to the environment and to the people.

What Does He Like?

He loves luscious meals to keep up with his fast-paced and joyful lifestyle. During weekdays he will indulge in a promising Better Burger meat patty coupled with the fire-toasted sausage topped with a nutty peanut sauce for extra energy. Other days he practices his math trying to calculate the more than 80 combinations that he can build for his next meal at BBC Foods.

His Campus Life

New Kid’s vocabulary on edibles gets richer everyday he visits BBC Foods discovering new words such as nutty, succulent, fluffy, delicious, aromatic, moist, delicious, juicy, wholesome even dreamy used to describe his meals to his friends. A fan of slow and healthy food he lingers a little while after his meal to enjoy the colorful and inspiring interiors of BBC Foods and then branches out again for more action!

Is He Eco Friendly and Community Minded?

The New Kid on the Block has a clear focus on sustainable operations and strives to achieve them in all aspects of its being. He uses only biodegradable cups for his drinks, supports local bread artisans providing locally made fluffy buns, suggests 100% USDA organic meat sourced from a local family farm, and the American Classic certified Black Angus meat that is sourced of reputable ranches and family farms in America’s heartland, raising cattle without antibiotics or added hormones.

Better Burger Co.

Our Story

We here at Better Burger Co. enjoy good food. More than that, we have proudly served delicious food since 1960s to some of Rhode Island’s most demanding neighborhoods playing a vital role in the local food culture.

Our patrons trust our passion to deliver the best quality of mouthwatering meat and fish, the freshest salads, the crunchiest and most delicious appetizers and locally sourced ingredients all cooked and served to perfection to satisfy the most demanding palate. We are inspired by great food and it shows!


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